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Two James 28 Island Vodka

606-1395-9899863 | Two James 28 Island Vodka

Based on the 28 Islands that were once located in the Detroit river. During prohibition bootleggers would
transport alcohol in from Canada and hide the hooch on the islands waiting for an opportunity to bring the
libations into the states. Many of the islands have submerged since prohibition, so we wanted to pay homage
to the past

Mash Bill
Carefully crafted from a blend of 70% corn and 30% winter wheat. This spirit is 82 Proof.

Flavor Profile & Tasting Profile
By using a hybrid still we are able to achieve the smooth and complex flavor we had always sought out for this
product. The plates in the column make the process possible. This is because when the alcohol vapor
touches the plate it forces it to condense and fall back into the pot. In this way each plate (four in total) act as
a purifying gate on the way to the condenser and eventually the receiving tank. The result of our base and
distillation process is a remarkably smooth, balanced spirit with a hint of sweetness that makes an excellent
addition to both classic and modern cocktails.

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