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Two James Catchers Rye Whiskey

606-1395-9899866 | Two James Catchers Rye Whiskey

Inspired by the American classic written by J.D. Salinger about a rebellious teen named Holden Caulfield. One
of the owner’s favorite novels. Doing a 100% Rye mash with no barley is considered by most a rebellious and
wild way to create a rye whiskey, we saw it a proper fit for us to showcase our grain and pay special tribute a
novel that has had such an impact on so many.

Mash Bill
100% Michigan grown Haslett Rye

Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes
Aged for a minimum of four years in traditional 53 gallon new American oak barrels at char 3 or 4. Vanilla with
baking spice notes and a subtle fig finish. This spirit is 98.8 proof. Two James also was awarded Best Rye
Distillery in the United States at 2017 Berlin Spirits Competition because of this spirit.

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