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Two James Doctor Bird Rum

606-1395-9899862 | Two James Doctor Bird Rum

The national bird of Jamaica, Trochilus Polytmus, more commonly known as the Doctor Bird, has been
immortalized in Jamaican culture for centuries. This fruit forward, no-holds-barred blend of high ester Jamaica
Rum is an homage to this beautiful creature and The Land of Wood and Water.

Mash Bill
Pot-distilled in Jamaica from the finest sugar cane utilizing techniques that date back centuries, Doctor Bird
possesses strong pineapple, mango, passionfruit, coconut and butterscotch notes. Blended 3 different medium
to high ester rums blended on-site at our distillery in Detroit and finished in Moscatel casks imported from
Spain, our rum embodies a flavor as colorful and unique as the Doctor Bird itself.

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