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Two James Grass Widow Bourbon

606-1395-9899869 | Two James Grass Widow Bourbon

Grass Widow was originally a whiskey made in Detroit until the onset of prohibition in 1908. A “Grass Widow”
is also a term that refers to a married woman whose husband is away, whether it be because of wartime or
work, he would never return home with no explanation of his life making the return trip either.

Mash Bill
58% Corn, 36% Rye, 6% Barley. Aged 3 Years in new oak-charred barrel. Finished six months
in a madeira cask

Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes
This delicious bourbon possesses intriguing levels of spice and complexity. The hazelnut and dried raisin notes
are results of our proprietary Madeira Barrique finishing.

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