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Two James J. Riddle Peated Bourbon

606-1395-9899868 | Two James J Riddle Peated Bourbon

J Riddle Peated Bourbon was named after local and national legend James Riddle Hoffa. Jimmy Hoffa was the
President of the Teamsters Union (local 299, whose symbol was the horseshoe, both featured on the bottle)
He was a man of the people but also associated with the mafia. In 1975 Jimmy Hoffa was last seen at the
Machus Red Fox grabbing a bite to eat, hence the fox being prominently displayed on the label.

Mash Bill
79% Michigan Corn and 21% Scottish Barley and aged in full-format 53-gallon new American oak barrels.

Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes
Unique spirit pairs the sweet robust flavor of bourbon with the elegant smokiness of single malt whiskey. The
mash bill possesses subtle notes of vanilla, buttered popcorn, sea salt, and light smoke. This spirit is 91 proof.

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