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Two James Nain Rouge Absinthe

606-1395-9899871 | Two James Nain Rouge Absinthe

We are excited to bring the Green Fairy to Detroit and the Great Lakes Region with the release of our Nain
Rouge also known as "Demon of the Strait" According to legend, Detroit's founder Antoine de la Mothe
Cadillac was told by a fortune teller to appease the Nain Rouge, but upon encountering the creature, he
smacked it with his cane and shouted, "Get out of my way, you red imp!" As a consequence, a string of bad
luck befell Cadillac; he was charged with abuse of power and reassigned to Louisiana. He later returned to
France where he was briefly imprisoned and eventually lost his fortune. The Nain Rouge legend has become
part of contemporary Detroit culture. Each Spring, the city hosts a community festival and costume parade
called the Marche du Nain Rouge.

Mash Bill
Rouge Absinthe Verte. Starting with a traditional 19th century French recipe, we distill wormwood, fennel,
green anise, and over 100 pounds of botanicals to create a spirit that has an unfathomable depth of flavor and
complexity. With a five day maceration and all botanicals going in the pot during distillation the rich flavors
come forth in an incredibly strong yet simple way.

Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes
Intense botanical flavors dominate this spirit. Starting with anise and accentuated with fennel and coriander,
finishing with an easy and smooth mint flavor. This spirit is 120 proof.

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