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Two James Old Cockney Gin

606-1395-9899864 | Two James Old Cockney Gin

Old Cockney Gin is based off a London dry Gin recipe thus the name Old Cockney. Cockney is a form of
rhyming slang used in London featured in movies as: Snatch and Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels.
There is an example written on the back the bottle “Allo me old Chinas. Wot say we Pop round the jack. I’ll
stand you some Two James needle. Just mind yer apples at the mickey, don’t want to wake the trouble do
we?“ Translation: “Hey guys, want to go to the bar? I’ll buy you some Two James gin, just be good at the bar
so you don’t wake the wife when you get home.” It’s a rhyming scheme wherein trouble and strife rhymes with
wife and so on.

Mash Bill, Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes
We start with a base of winter wheat. The botanical blend of coriander and orange peel provide nice floral and
citrus aromas and flavors, which are balanced by spice from black peppercorn and earthy elements from orris
root, angelica root and gentian root. While our gin possesses juniper, the pine notes serve as an undertone in
the overall flavor profile. The result is a dry, smooth gin with a unique but harmonious balance of flavors.
Starting with a 24 hour maceration, we distill all of the botanicals in the pot, as well as vapor infuse the final
flavors. These processes together create a well balanced and highly aromatic flavor. Spirit is 82 proof.

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